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State CIO Releases IT Consolidation Report

State CIO Jonathan Womer has released the 2012 IT Consolidation Report. This report outlines a high-level approach for a new consolidation strategy using either of two approaches:

  • Consolidate infrastructure and applications across agencies.

Under this approach, the state must emphasize horizontal consolidation of infrastructure and applications—the programs that run government and provide services. Consolidating the foundational elements of IT across all Executive Branch agencies will mitigate risk, reduce overall costs and achieve a level of standardization and stability that will speed future consolidation efforts. At the same time, the state must recognize that some agency business processes are unique, and require unique solutions.

  • Provide service management instead of services.

Under this approach, the state should refocus its centralized IT management from the current, service-provider structure to one of service management. The state should retain core IT functions and outsource others, with the central service management organization managing the relationships with customers and between the state and vendors.

The report also describes the IT infrastructure study and assessment (INSA) conducted in 2010-11, consolidation governance and strategy, associated risks, and legislative background.

For more information, view the IT consolidation report.

For questions regarding the report, contact Mike Fenton at 919-754-6641 or Michael.Fenton@nc.gov.

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