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New Maps Feature Available for NC.gov

Visitors to the official state website, NC.gov, now have access to a variety of digital maps. The new map feature and data are provided by the Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (CGIA). The maps are lightweight and work well on mobile devices.

Site visitors can enter their city or zip code in a search box on the home page and find police and fire stations, schools and universities, libraries, hospitals and health departments.

Targeted maps can be found throughout NC.gov. Schools, universities and libraries are in the maps in the Education section. Fire and police stations can be found in the Transportation and Public Safety section. Hospitals and health departments are found in the maps in Health, Home and Family.

More locations to state facilities will be added as data become available. Government agencies that wish to add map information to NC.gov should contact Lois Nilsen, NC.gov Content Manager.

For information about the Center for Geographic Information and Analysis and their digital mapping services, visit http://www.cgia.state.nc.us/.

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