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NC 911 Board Recognizes Operator

The North Carolina 911 Board has recognized an Orange County 911 operator for aiding in the delivery of a baby at a Chapel Hill bus stop. Board chairman George Bakolia, with the Office of Information Technology Services, presented Tommy Holmes with a plaque at their meeting Friday morning.

Holmes took the 911 call last month when UNC doctoral student Emily Brewer reported a woman in labor at a campus bus stop. Holmes talked Brewer through the delivery so she could assist the mother while emergency responders were dispatched. Board members played the 911 call at Friday’s meeting.

With Brewer assisting, following Holmes’ instructions, the mother gave birth to a baby girl. The mother named her new daughter Emily, in honor of Brewer.

Asked about his role in bringing a new life into the world, Holmes said he’d never been in the lime light, but was usually behind the scenes.

“Makes you feel good to do something that could help somebody out and got a good result from it," said Holmes. He says he shares the recognition with his EMS team.

“He is truly an individual who is dedicated to helping people and that's been taught to him by his parents and he continues to teach that to his kids,” said Richard Taylor, the executive director of the board.

Holmes is an Orange County native who has been working in the county’s emergency services for more than 30 years.

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