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Enterprise License Agreement: Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) - Signed July 2010

The Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) provides a collection of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) hardware, software and geographic data for capturing, managing, analyzing and displaying all forms of geographic referenced information.

The Enterprise License Agreement with ESRI:

  1. Provides unlimited use and access to all latest versions and releases of ESRI software
    • ESRI-developed software for Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is currently available at no cost to cover executive branch agencies. However, an annual support fee will be assessed to State agencies to recover the annual payment made to ESRI.
    • Third party, royalty-bearing software is available at sharply reduced, fixed price for the term of the agreement.
    • The ELA fee covers the Enterprise License Software, ELA Maintenance, ESRI International User Conference registration And Virtual Campus Training.
  2. Rolled-in software and Enterprise License Software will receive ELA maintenance, provided that standard maintenance is available for each item.
  3. Tier 1 Support to all licenses will be provided by State Tier 1 Help Desk. Tier 1 Support analysts will be the initial points of contact for all questions and incidents.
  4. Local training is available.
    • GIS users, ITS and ESRI work together to schedule course offerings
    • Internet training via the ESRI virtual campus is also available
    • 25,000 virtual campus dollars available to access the Virtual Campus Web-Based Training
    • 20 annual subscriptions to ESRI Developer Networks (EDN)

ESRI and North Carolina have also established a Master Purchase Agreement (MPA) for local government.

The details of this agreement are:

  1. ESRI Software Pricing — The MPA includes ESRI GSA equivalent pricing on new software purchases and such pricing is available at a discount for the duration of the State’s Enterprise License Agreement.
  2. Training — The MPW includes discount training rates for local government personnel at ESRI GSA equivalent rates on instructor-led classes for individuals for onsite classes or any other ESRI-instructor-led training offered at an ESRI training facility.
  3. Maintenance Fee Waiver, re: Cities, Counties and Regional Governments (Local Governments) to allow a one-time upgrade or update for non-royalty-bearing ESRI Software not currently under maintenance.
  4. ESRI shall waive back-maintenance fee due or payable from Cities, Counties and Regional Governments for the reinstatement of maintenance on non-royalty-bearing ESRI Software.
  5. City, County and Regional Governments may upgrade non-royalty based ESRI Software with expired maintenance contracts subject to the payment of one (1) Year of the current standard maintenance fee for that non-royalty-bearing ESRI Software.
  6. The waiver shall extend from the date of the State’s execution of the Enterprise License Agreement (ESRI Agreement No. 2010ELA1983), to no later than June 30, 2011, and applies only to those Cities, counties and Regional Governments organizations whose maintenance has expired prior to January 1, 2012.

To view the State Term Contract and additional information on the Master Purchase Agreement (MPS) for Local Governments, click here:
http://www.its.state.nc.us/ITProcurement/TermContracts/Contracts/208K/STC webpage 208K 10-15-13.pdf

Term of Agreement: 5 years


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